We are excited to announce the members of Insightful Accountant’s inaugural Advisor Panel. The primary purpose of the panel is to help us stay “in touch” with the audience we serve and to continue to provide the content you, our audience, want. Read more

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Our hopes are that all your ambitions be fulfilled and your dreams become reality during 2024. Oh, and may you be recognized in the 2024 ProAdvisor Awards!!! (How could we forget that.) Read more

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Please be safe as you observe this holiday season. Read more

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Some of our readers have sent me an email asking that I republish my traditional English Christmas pudding recipe. So Happy Holidays! Read more

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Murph will be hosting Liz Scott for December's QB Talks focusing on QuickBooks at Year-end on Wednesday December 13, 2023 at 2:00 PM Eastern time. Read more

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